One of the parts of the project is the educational program which we want to create for primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands. 

Primary Schools
Next to the design contest, we want to keep children involved with spaceflight. Spaceflight is after all a very interesting industry, growing in size and relevance every year.

Also for children, some of this growth is visible: Elon Musk wants to start a colony on Mars and the amount of rockets launched to space increases every year. Also, the USA plans to return to the moon soon.

After launching the design contest, the focus of Team Education will lie in working out a short education package which will inform and mainly get children enthousiastic about spaceflight.

Secondary Schools
For secondary school students, we want to create the same enthousiasm, however with a bigger hands-on aspect.

The satellite will have a module on board which performs measurements and send them to Earth. With these measurements, which will be available publicly, calculations can be done and students can discover more about spaceflight.

Just as with primary schools, a short educational program will be made which enables students to learn more about spaceflight in general. Next to that, due to the hands-on nature of the project, it enables us to include topics such as programming, sustainability and project management.