An important part of this project is the designing, building and launching of the satellite. This is an ambitious goal, which is why we have Team Development, staying on top of working out this process.

The satellite will be designed by students. This design was made during the Design Synthesis Exercise (DSE) of the bachelor Aerospace Engineering at TU Delft in Summer 2019. A group of 10 students will in a 10-week period design a preliminary design under supervision of Chris Verhoeven. In June 2019, the design was presented to a group of experts from the Dutch space industry. After this a new team was set up to work out this design in detail. This Development team consists of 16 Enthusiastic students from the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering.

With this project we try to give as many students as possible a chance to get hands on experience with this project. We collaborated with the Leidse Instrumentenmakers School and one of their master students’ is now designing and producing one of our satellite instruments for his graduation project.

During this design process we collaborate a lot with industry. Designing the satellite would not be possible without the help we receive from the companies. Thanks to the knowledge and resources that they make available to us, we can literally and figuratively elevate this project to a higher level. Click here for the list of companies that support us.

The challenge of building the satellite is not yet known. There are several option being discussed at the moment. To increase the reliability of the satellite, there will always be an expert observing design progression during the building process. The current idea is to both involve university as students in the building process. The building could happen in a cleanroom at TU Delft or at an external party.

After the satellite is built, various tests will be performed. It still need to be determined where these tests will be conducted, but we are in contact with various companies to achieve this.

We have not yet announced a definitive launch date. For this we are in close contact with people from the industry who have presented us with various options. We aim to bring our satellite into space by the end of 2020.