To honour its 75th birthday, the study society ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ has started an unique project. The goal:

Inspiring the youth of the Netherlands and making them enthousiastic about spaceflight, showing them the impact of spaceflight on society. 

To realise this, the society intends to launch a CubeSat with educational purposes in an orbit around Earth. The teaching program bundled with the satellite will allow scholars on primary and secondary school in the whole country to connect with spaceflight. This way, we give something back to society in celebration of our lustrum.

Looking at the size of this project, a committee is created for the CubeSat and the educational program. The committee, consisting of 16 students, is divided over 3 teams, each having their own responsibility: Team Development, Team Education and Team Finance.

COVID19 has caused the project to deviate from the Project Outline. It will be updated when we know more.