To honour its 75th birthday, the study society ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ has started an unique project. The goal:

To inspire the youth of the Netherlands and make them enthousiastic about spaceflight, showing them the impact of spaceflight on society.

To realise this, the society intends to launch a CubeSat with educational purposes in an orbit around Earth. The teaching program bundled with the satellite will allow students of the primary and secondary school level in the whole country to connect with spaceflight. This way, we give something back to society in celebration of our lustrum.

The satellite payload consists of two modules to support the educational aspect. The first payload is intended mainly for a primary school audience, and will be a zero-gravity dice game. Pupils will have the opportunity to activate the dice mechanism from the classroom, allowing them to “throw” said dice and make a video of said dice “hanging” in zero gravity. The second payload will be focused on secondary school students and is currently under development in close contact with educational institutions across the Netherlands.

In order to realise this project, a team of 55 students has been assembled from various faculties at the TU Delft to develop this satellite and the corresponding educational module. They will work together in five different teams to achieve this ambitiuous goal, in collaboration with the aid of many professional partners from both educational and professional entities.