The main goal of the project is ‘inspiring the Dutch youth’. One of the parts of realising this is the educational program which we want to create for primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands. This is the task of Team Education. For this, two modules are being developed: (1) primary education and (2) secondary education.

For the primary education we are in contact with Wetenschapsknooppunt Zuid-Holland and the Science Center (TU Delft). In cooperation with these partners an educational module will be developed for primary school students. Next to that, a design contest is developed for children in 5th and 6th grade, to have them think about our payload modules in an interactive way.

For secondary education, the educational programma for the older-year students will be based on a so-called ‘NLT’-module, which we will update and in which our project will be incorporated. For the younger students, a new ‘pre-NLT’-module will be developed. Also in this case there will be cooperated with several experts on educational area. At this moment, contact is established with NSO, Techniek Pact and Bureau NLT.