To realise the main goal of the project, ‘inspiring the Dutch youth’, an educational program has to be realised. This is the task of Team Education. For this, educational modules are being developed for primary education and for secondary education.

For the primary education we are collaborating with Utrecht University, Wetenschapsknooppunt Zuid-Holland, International School Delft and the Science Center (TU Delft).

Three educational modules for primary schools are developed by educational science bachelor students of Utrecht University. These modules consist of three theoretical lessons and one practical with the themes: the solar system, satellites and the life of an astronaut.

Wetenschapsknooppunt Zuid-Holland helped us in 2019 with the development of a design contest for children in 5th and 6th grade.  The primary school students had the opportunity to think of what they wanted to investigate in space. Guided by an interactive presentation, they encountered satellites and their applications. The winning idea of this contest was a game in space and this is implemented in our satellite.

In January 2019, we gave a presentation about satellites and our project at the International School Delft to PYP-6 and PYP-7 students. We used this presentation to find out what children want to learn about space and what content we should focus on with the development of the educational modules for primary schools.

For secondary education, the educational programme for the older-year students will be based on a so-called ‘NLT’-module, which we will update and in which our project will be incorporated. For the younger students, a new ‘pre-NLT’-module will be developed. Also in this case there will be cooperated with several experts on educational area. At this moment, contact is established with Netherlands Space Office, ESERO, Techniek Pact and Bureau NLT.